PROSYS PRP components

Model PROSYS PRP kit
Consist PRP 30 + PRP 10
Package 5set / Box
Certification CE 0120, ISO 9001, 13485, GMP, FDA
Weight 30g 30g
Max volume 30cc 15cc
Validity 3years (Manufacturing date is put on the product)

PROSYS PRP Procedure

1. Setting

PROSYS PRP kit, Centrifuge, Syringe, Weight

2. Draw Blood

Extract 20 to 30cc of blood

3. Blood Injection

Inject the blood into the kit NOTE:After the injection, turn the upper-lid 1 rounds and adjustment handle downwards to let the blood down

4. 1st Centrifugation(separation Process)

Perform the first stage centrifugation with separtion kit (Male : 3000RPM/3min, Female : 2800RPM/3min with TOJ2010) NOTE : Make sure that both ends weigh equally while the centrifugation is carried out

5. Buffy coat Extraction

After the first stage centrifugation, raise the Buffy Coat above the B.C check area by adjustment handle, close the upper-lid and mix well NOTE : Close the upper-lid when the red blood cell climb up a little above the Buffy Coat check area

6. Concentration kit

Move the Buffy Coat with plasma to the concentration kit NOTE : Make sure to determine PRP concentration level by adjustment handle before you move it from separtion kit to concentration kit

7. 2nd Centrifugation(Concentration Process)

Perform the secondary centrifugation with concentration kit (3300RPM/3min) NOTE : Make sure both ends weigh equally before you start centrifugation

8. Completed PRPd

Close the upper-lid after concentration process, and extract the concentrated PRP through the opening at the bottom-cap by using adjustment handle NOTE : Cloes the upper-lid tightly so that the PRP on the upper part does not run down to the concentrated PRP at the lower part