What is 3D cell culture?

A 3D cell culture is an artificially-created environment in which biological cells are permitted to grow or interact with its surroundings in all 3D. This is an improvement over the previous method of growing cells in 2D(on a petri dish) because the 3D model more accurately model the in vivo cells.


StemFIT 3D-C100

Well 100 ea
Well Diameter 600 µm
Dish Diameter 20 mm
Catalogue No. C100600

StemFIT 3D-H389 (New)

Well 389 ea
Well Diameter 600 µm
Dish Diameter 30 mm
Catalogue No. H389600


Why prosys StemFIT 3D

PROSYS StemFIT 3D is Compatible with conventional 2D cell culture method (Media , Agent and etc), very convenient since no need for Special procedure and technique and advantageous to statistically significance from uniform size spheroid.
EB & Spheroid formation without cell apoptosis uniform size of EB & Spheroid Co-aggregation & co-culture with reproductive integrity cells Transplantation 3D spheroid to Disease model Maximized the differentiation efficiency of ES The same cell cultrue protocol as standard 2D cell culture Fast forming spheroids, Faster achieving research result


How to use StemFIT 3D?



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